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POOLTABLES FOR SALE. Have many models and sizes. Here are just a few. Prices include delivery, set-up, and accessories - CALL STEVE 810-736-xxxx
9 Ft Playcraft xxxx.00
8-1/2 Brunswick Mahogny Heritage xxxx.00
8 Ft Brunswick Solid Oak, clawed Feet xxxx.00
8 Ft Valley Cougar Bar Table xxxx.00
8 Ft Olhausen White Oak xxxx.00
7-1/2 Ft Valley Home Model 900.00
7-1/2 FT Champ 800.00
7-1/2 Ft Valley Cougar Bar Table 700.00
7 Ft Valley Bar Table 800.00
7 Ft Valley Cougar xxxx.00
7 Ft National 900.00
7 Ft American Bar Table 850.00
6 Ft Valley Bar Table 700.00
Slate Top Bumper Pool Tabe Coin Operated, all accessories 450.00
Harley Davison Bumper Pool 300.00
22 Ft Valley Shuffleboard, New Electronic scoreboard xxxx.00
Lords of Steel Pinball Machine 800.00
Big Shot Pinball Machine 600.00
High Speed Pinball Machine xxxx.00